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Episode 16: Jacob Burghardt: Activating Insights to Overcome Common Barriers to Impact

June 2nd, 2022

Join Brigette as she speaks with Jacob Burghardt about his experiences taking prior research and utilizing it to enact measurable and meaningful change on products and organizations. As research teams aggregate and synthesize research within research repositories, they eventually confront the reality that just because insights are more available, they are not guaranteed to have an impact on product. Some product people will become repository lead users – logging in from remote offices to stay connected to info about the people they are striving to serve. However, many decision-makers in evolving product organizations will become ‘distant’ from past research studies, and they will require new touch points with ‘old’ insights in order to shift their thinking and their roadmaps. Jacob will be speaking on this topic and ways to take your own previous work to new levels by showing its value across and outside of its original studies. 


Read the transcript here.

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